As he continues his recovery, Robert Kubica tested a Mercedes DTM car and talked about his prospects of a return to the F1 stage

It seems that the constant floating rumours of Robert Kubica returning to the sport never go away, with the Pole confident of a return.

In a hotly anticipated interview with F1 Racing is just around the corner, Kubica gave his first full-length interview following his massive rally accident in 2011.

His recovery has been slow, but he has recently had several rally outings in Italy and this week tested a Mercedes DTM car at Valencia.

Kubica has avoided the media spotlight over the last two years since the rally accident that almost killed him and only recently has he emerged to speak in selected interviews.

His interview with F1 Racing certainly has been met with a large sense of anticipation, and he admits that he is confident he will be back in the sport one day.

“It’s not just a dream,” he said. "Things are improving. It wasn’t like this six months ago and it wasn’t like this three months ago. And thanks to rallies and tests on the race track, slowly my condition is improving — but there is still a long way to go.”

However despite his confident mood when talking to the magazine, he has come out this week ahead of his DTM test to state that there is further work to be done before he can return to single seaters.

"It’s still too early to make any statements about my future because of this one test. I’m just looking forward to tomorrow and we’ll see what happens after that," he added.

Kubica raced in Formula from 2006 to 2010, starting 76 Grand Prix and winning the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix. He suffered a near amputation of his right arm in a rally accident in the lead-up to the 2011 Formula 1 season.

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