One of Australia's leading betting agencies will refund punters who bet on Mark Webber winning the Malaysian Grand Prix

The Australian-based online betting agency has elected to refund gambler who wagered that Mark Webber would win last weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix.

The Australian finished in second place after team-mate Sebastian Vettel controversially ignored instructions from the Red Bull Racing team to hold station in the closing stages of the 56-lap race.

“We’ve refunded all bets on Aussie Mark Webber to win the Malaysian Grand Prix last night after ‘team-mate’ Sebastian Vettel defied team orders and hogged the glory for himself,”  statement on the organisation’s website reads in an article is has titled ‘Mark Webber’s Justice Refund’.

Webber's displeasure was apparent after being beaten by teammate Sebastian Vattel at the Malaysian Grand Prix“A selfish and typically ignorant Vettel took matters into his own hands, performing a host of risky manoeuvres to overtake his fellow Red Bull driver (luckily it didn’t end up like Turkey 2010!) and claim the chequered flag.

“Guess what, Seb? We ain’t buying it buddy. And neither should our punters!” the article continues.

“That’s why, unlike Vettel, is doing the right thing and offering our Justice Refund for anyone who backed Webber to win in Sepang.”

Webber flips the bird at Vettel after being overtaken for the lead

In the wake of the controversial race, the agency opened up a new betting pool to give fans the opportunity to wager on whether the disgruntled Webber would remain with the Milton Keynes team beyond the end of the 2013 season.

It’s currently offering almost unbackable odds of $1.20 for Webber to leave the team, while it will pay $4.00 per dollar bet on the 36-year-old continuing with the team beyond the end of the year.

For those of you thinking this will apply to the Predictions Competition, bad news – we will score based on the actual (and not moral) finishing positions.

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