Fans hold a Ferrari flag in front of the Grenoble University Hospital Centre, in the French Alps, where Michael Schumacher remains in critical condition after a skiing accident.

Michael Schumacher’s condition has stabilised somewhat, with surgeons at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire in Grenoble performing a second round of surgery to evacuate an intracerebral haematoma on the left side of his skull.

The seven-time World Champion suffered life-threatening head injuries in a skiing accident while holidaying in the south of France on Sunday.

He was airlifted to a local hospital before being transferred in a critical condition to the larger Grenoble facility, where his treating surgeons performed emergency surgery on the right (impact) side of his head to reduce elevated intercranial pressure.

With his condition having improved slightly following the first operation, surgeons saw a “surgical window of opportunity” to perform a second, two-hour operation to remove further bleeding on his brain.

Post-surgery, Schumacher remains in an induced coma on life support with his condition described as “fragile”.

“The situation is more under control than yesterday but we cannot say that he is out of danger,” the hospital head anaesthetist, Jean-Francois Payen, said.

“We have won some time but we must continue an hour-by-hour surveillance.”

The doctors confirmed that a number of lesions remained and that he was still bleeding in his brain. They will consider whether further surgery is required.

“He is still in a very critical condition, this has not changed. And we still cannot tell how he will be, which state he will be in when he does wake up. We cannot speculate on the future because once again it would be too early to do so,” Professor Emmanuel Gay, one of Schumacher’s treating specialists, added.

“There are still many haematomas in the brain, with little bits everywhere,” he added.

“That is what makes the situation critical and it needs to be looked at hour by hour, day by day.”

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