Megafactories: Ultimate Showroom Collection
DVD box set , 858 minutes © 2013
Distributed by Madman Entertainment

For many of us, owning the likes of a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti or a Koenigsegg will remain a mere pipedream. There’s an evocativeness in these brands – the quality, power, prestige and (certainly) price tag – that is just a little out of this world.

And the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into building every one of these cars is another major point of difference when compared to your ‘everyday’ cars.

But the National Geographic team recently commissioned a series of documentaries in its popular Megafactories series, specifically focusing on some of the world’s most iconic – and expensive – luxury cars. All of this has been packaged into the Ultimate Showroom Collection, which is available for purchase right now.

Over eighteen outstanding episodes, you can take a look at some of the world’s most iconic carmakers’ production assembly lines, exploring every finite detail of how the most expensive, luxurious and powerful cars are designed and built.

For those who work on the assembly line, this is much more than just a job. The car brand is something bigger, entirely, and it’s easy to appreciate why these folk love what they do.

For the car nut without the huge wallet, this is the closest you can probably get to being inside one of these incredible beasts, and it’s certainly a series worth checking out.

Using our unique ‘Chequered Flags’ rating system, we award Megafactories: Ultimate Showroom Collection


Megafactories: Ultimate Showroom Collection is available at all good DVD retailers. Our review copy was kindly supplied to us by Madman Entertainment.

Madman Entertainment

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