A short statement from Ron Walker, the Chairman of the Formula One Promoters Association, was circulated around the paddock today.  It was in regards to a special meeting convened over the Barcelona weekend.

“A meeting was held on Saturday 10 May 2014, between the promoters of the FIA Formula One World Championship, chaired by Ronald Walker to discuss various aspects of Formula 1 for the benefit of all of the fans who are concerned about maintaining the unique feeling of Formula 1 [emphasis added].  Mr Ecclestone attended the meeting in support of the promoters. Seventeen countries were represented.”

The ‘unique feeling’ of Formula 1 is most likely referring to the complaints about sound that have been buzzing around the online and social commentary since the season started.  Bernie has been talking about its lack of presence quite publicly, and it would seem that now moves are being made.

What these moves are specifically though, is yet to be seen.

Given that Mercedes is testing a new exhaust system, it is clear that the issue of decibels has struck a cord – if not with the punters, than the promoters, or that is what we are being lead to believe anyway.

The question is then, put to you. As viewers back home, five or so races in… is the unique feeling of Formula 1 being lost?  What would you ideally like to see out of a meeting like this?

Image via GrandPrix247.

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