Nico Rosberg was a contained ball of emotion in the press conference this afternoon as he was asked how much longer he thought he needed to win the race.

“I think one more, to be honest,” the Mercedes driver said.

“One more, I could have given it a good go.

“I wasn’t close enough to give it a go there, but next lap I would have. But unfortunately that was it.

“A bit gutted, but still, second place, still close in the championship and many more races to go anyway.”

Nico came second to Lewis Hamilton by a very close gap of 0.636 seconds.  The race had been quite straightforward with Lewis streaming out in front, but divergent strategies meant that after their last pitstops the challenge was on.

After the 46th lap, Nico closed in almost consistently.  It was not until the 60th lap that Lewis’s times were faster and the teammates battled until the end of the race.  Unlike Bahrain however, Nico was never close enough to make the attacking move.

This win takes Lewis to the top of the championship standings, three points in front of Nico.  Although the pair deny that their relationship will change, it will be interesting to see how the team deals with the internal competition.

“We’ve been through this before,” Nico said at the press conference.

Not quite, as their rivalry has never had stakes this high.  The fight to the wire was always around…but it was never for the world championship.

Only time will tell!

Image via Sutton Images

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