The Stewards have released a statement stating that there will be no further investigation on Nico Rosberg’s incident during the last minutes of qualifying.

Controversy rankled at the edges when it was announced after the end of qualifying that the pole-sitting Mercedes driver would be investigated for the ‘incident’.

Nico came off the track at the Mirabeau and travelled into the escape road at the same time that his teammate was starting his last middle sector.  Hamilton’s first sector was marginally faster than the time Rosberg had posted, and the yellow flags from the incident meant that he was unable to complete the final flying lap.

If the incident had proven to be deliberate, it could have created controversy on the scale of Michael Schumacher’s parking incident in 2006.  Also at Monaco, it was proven that Schumacher had stopped the car in the Rascasse corner, thereby preventing his teammate Alonso from improving his time.  As a result of that incident, the Ferrari driver was demoted to the back of the grid.  However, no evidence was found from video and telemetry data to prove the same had occurred this time around.

The event did cause clear tensions between the drivers though, one that was palpable in the post-qualifying press conference.

“I was on the pole lap, but I guess it doesn’t matter,” Hamilton said during questioning.

“The lap was done and that was that.”

The lack of elaboration and general refusal to answer questions may have indicated Lewis felt like there was something else afoot, however the grid stays as is.

Rosberg will begin in pole position, followed by his teammate Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo’s Red Bull in third.  Read our qualifying report here.

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