The Richard’s F1 team is spreading it’s wings this year, with the first few European Grand Prix under our belt.  An exciting opportunity that came up was to do a trackside walk!  Below are a few of the shots… (see if you recognise the corners!)

Trackside 3 JPEG

Romain Grosjean approaches the Tabac

Trackside 4 JPEG

You can see remnants of Daniil Kvyat’s accident, which happened right in front of us!

Sergio Perez approaches the Swimming Pool complex

Trackside 5

Of course…the infamous tunnel.

Walking along the track is a spectacular experience.  One of the most interesting parts is that the difference in sound truly becomes obvious.  Being this close to the cars last year would have been painful on the ears; the engine whine earsplitting.  Now it’s much milder, but honestly? No less invigorating (in my personal opinion).  With all the fuss about rules, politics and the hullabaloo that is Formula 1, to take a moment and feel the rush of the cars by you come down through the straights, or hear the rumble as they scream through the tunnel… this is what the magic of Formula 1 is about.

Man (and occasionally woman) in machine, navigating insane terrain, squeezing every inch they can out of a lovingly bespoke creation, entire minds dedicated to finding the limit.

There is nothing else quite like it.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that it occasionally happens to be in beautiful places…


Yours truly from the paddock!

Images via Richards F1.  


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