Reports have emerged that Lewis Hamilton has shared talks within the Mercedes F1 team meeting, claiming that Nico Rosberg told the team he allowed their collision to happen to “prove a point”.

Mercedes chiefs were left infuriated when the pair collided on the second lap of the Belgian Grand Prix, throwing away what was a likely double podium.

But Hamilton has added a twist to the events when he exposed the team’s debrief, saying that Rosberg confessed to having intentionally not backed out of his move into Le Combes because he wanted to teach him a lesson.

“He said he could have avoided it. He said ‘I did it to prove a point’. He basically said I did it to prove a point,” said Hamilton.

“We just had a meeting about it and he basically said he did it on purpose,” he saidHamilton Rosberg crash

“And you don’t have to just rely on me. Go and ask Toto [Wolff] and Paddy [Lowe] who are not happy with him as well.”

Hamilton went on to state that he had no question that he was the innocent party in their incident because he had the racing line.

“You know, and you can ask Fernando [Alonso] and you can ask all drivers, when a car is less than half a car length alongside you and you are on the inside, it’s your racing line,” he explained.

“It’s not your job to go massively out of your way to leave extra, extra room. And it wasn’t one of those corners where there’s a wall there or anything.

“Look at Sebastian [Vettel]. He was actually further up [on the first lap pass attempt] and he knew he wasn’t going to go out the other side. He was sensible about it.”

Toto Wolff believes that a slap on the wrist may not be enough for Rosberg, warning of larger consequences.

The incident left the door open to Mercedes’ main rival Red Bull, as Daniel Ricciardo took his third win of the season and closed the gap to Hamilton in the drivers’ championship.

The option of team orders still looms as a solution, with Wolff all for the idea. However Niki Lauda still wants to see the drivers be free to race each other.

“It would be too early to elaborate in detail because the devil lies in the detail. We’re all fans and we owe it to ourselves and everybody out there to let them race,” he said.

“The solution is that we’re going to sit down and hear the boys’ opinion, I think we owe it to them.”

Images via XPB Images and BBC

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