Formula Legend, available on iOS and Android
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Formula Legend is a unique take on mobile gaming for Formula One fans who’d like to tackle the challenge of a Grand Prix racing career that focuses on strategy, rather than the racing itself.

Developed in Australia, new players enter Formula Legend as a rookie driving in the ‘Young Drivers’ test. Success or failure will determine whether an offer from one of the teams will come up, and your challenge is then to tackle the nineteen rounds of the 2014 Grand Prix season.

You can compete against current drivers – whose performances are modelled on their real-life results – and this attention to detail extends to other factors such as tyre degradation, fuel consumption and on-track aggression. You can customise the variables, but this could be at a cost: push too hard and you’ll hurt your tyres and fuel consumption.

Formula LegendGood results will lead to prize money for the team, which can be reinvested in the car (for improved aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, tyre management, or exhaust performance), in fuel boosts, or in the race engineer (to increase the length of time that the car improvements last). But just like in the real world, the advantage of these upgrades is a game of diminishing returns as rival teams upgrade their cars, so you need to keep earning the bucks to keep pace with development.

Occasionally the player will be thrown into short reward-based challenges for extra income, which range from managing the race start (aim to do better than Mark Webber!), pit stop speeds, deciding whether to follow team orders, or autocross-style challenges on sections of a circuit. 

Perform well over a season and you will be rewarded with an offer from a higher-ranking team next season. The good news is that you can take your race engineer with you, but you will have to leave behind the car improvements and tackle the challenges that come with a new environment.

The game is continually developed with 2014 season specific rules/cars added earlier this year, along with wet conditions, safety cars, crashes and localisation into over five languages (with more to follow). Formula Legend is proving extremely popular, with over 180,000 virtual races being conducted on most actual Grand Prix weekends.

The game is available to download on both iOS and Android platforms, where it is free for compatible smartphone and tablet devices. If you don’t want to spend time building up funds, you can purchase in-game currency to upgrade your race engineer and equipment more rapidly, or access drives in higher ranking teams (just like Pastor Maldonado!).

You can register on the Formula Legend website, or follow their Facebook or Twitter feeds to keep up-to-date with the latest releases and news.

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