The FIA has revised its planned restrictions on pit-to-car radio messages ahead of this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix.

Last week teams were advised that radio messages regarding the performance of the car were to be banned, as it would be considered an infringement on of Article 20.1 of the sporting regulations. The regulation states that “the driver must drive the car alone and unaided”.

However, after the FIA met with team managers in Singapore the list has been revised. Restricting car performance messages will be delayed until next season due to the complex nature of introducing a ban at short notice.

Felipe Massa was quite vocal in his opinion on the pit-to-car radio ban.

“In some areas it’s fine. The team tells you not to use the tyres so much in corner five because you’re using them too much compared to your team-mate. This is okay, this is not a problem.

“But you have so many things in the car that we’re doing – because if you don’t do [them] maybe you put too much temperature in the rear brakes because the battery gets too high and you just put fire in the car. Maybe you can have a big accident.

“We don’t know what the temperature is for the battery, we cannot see. We don’t know that.

“There’s a very complicated power unit in the car which is not related to the driver. If you’re not using the right settings, forget it. You’ll not do two laps.”

Messages not permitted (by radio or pit board)

– Driving lines on the circuit.
– Contact with kerbs.
– Car set up parameters for specific corners.
– Comparative or absolute sector time detail of another driver.
– Speeds in corners compared to another driver.
– Gear selection compared with another driver.
– Gear selection in general.
– Braking points.
– Rate of braking compared to another driver.
– Rate of braking or application of brakes in general.
– Car stability under braking.
– Throttle application compared to another driver.
– Throttle application in general.
– Use of DRS compared with another driver.
– Use of any overtake button.
– Driving technique in general.

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