Solving a problem that didn’t exist, the GP2 cars will be fitted with DRS in order to prepare drivers for the next step into Formula 1.

The series has produced some fantastic racing this season, with many great overtaking manoeuvres by hungry drivers eager to be signed by a Formula 1 team.

However, the series aims to keep up with the ever-evolving Formula 1 championship and having a car that remains the same for over three years defeats the purpose of preparing drivers for the next step, so claim the series organisers.


“It will not be a push-to-pass button or a way to be quicker on a lap. Our DRS will be the exact copy of the one used in F1, with the same DRS zones since we’re racing on the same tracks. The drivers will be able to activate it within one second of the car in front at the DRS detection point, with the same level of safety, and with the same suppliers,” CEO Bruno Michel said.

According to Michel, there are drivers on the grid who were eager to see DRS on the GP2 cars. The addition will not affect teams as the cost cutting plan introduced this year will continue on for next season.

The DRS is scheduled to be tested on a GP2 development car for the first time late October in Europe, then again in the Middle East in December before the teams receive it in January.

Images via GP2 Media

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