The Marshals Charity Calendar 2015 is the brain child of Oulton Park based marshal and BRSCC North region race secretary, Paul Sutcliffe.

Paul has been a lover of all motorsport since he was a small boy and a marshal for the last eight years, but in 2008 he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Malignant Melanoma. It was surgically removed, but has since returned on two further occasions. Malignant melanoma is prevalent among groups who spend a lot of working time out doors, such as the volunteer marshals who come to support motorsport of all levels.

Since having the disease, he has been involved in a charity called Melanoma UK and given his motorsport connections, he wanted to create a marshal-themed charity calendar. In partnership with  motorsport PR photographer Andrea Pennington and Gaynor Stocker, Sutcliffe travelled across the UK to visits circuits, teams and drivers to perform twelve separate photoshoots.

The Motorsport Marshals Charity Calendar 2015 The Motorsport Marshals Charity Calendar 2015

Designed by Faye Neo, the A3 calendar costs just £10.00 (including postage) and all monies raised will go to Melanoma UK, where it is hoped to raise over £10,000!

To purchase your copy of the calendar, please visit!marshal-charity-calendar-2015/c98f.

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