Pirelli is expecting to see big improvements in pace but still hopes to encourage more diverse strategies next season, according to Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery.

Since joining F1 as its sole tyre supplier for the 2011 season, Pirelli has been tasked with delivering races with two or three pit stops to open up different strategy options.

While Hembery admits there was less diversity in strategies in 2014, he says a slightly conservative approach was required due to the new power units and he expects significant car improvements will see the tyres used in a different way next season.

“2012 was probably the most exciting with all the different winners – seven or eight winners – that was fascinating,” Hembery said.

“This year, we did come in to a year of a little bit of unknown technology. We had a reasonable idea of what to expect but there’s no substitute really for actually seeing what it translates to in track performance.

“If anything, probably next year if we took the same choices everywhere what was maybe conservative this year we feel might start becoming aggressive because the pace evolution for next year is going to be pretty dramatic. We’ve seen big improvements already towards the end of this season and that’s without them really being able to get anywhere near the powertrain in the way they’d like to.

Image via XPB Images

“So we expect quite a big jump again in performance next season. If you’re talking a second or even up to two seconds a lap speed improvement that dramatically changes the way the tires are used. So we have to be wary of that and follow that, but overall this year we feel we got the balance about right considering such a big change and the forefront technology this year was quite rightly the new hybrid powertrains which is a fascinating technology.”

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Blaž Štremfelj

Journalist at MotorsportM8