Daniel Ricciardo put aside his Formula 1 duties this morning to host a morning running session at Melbourne’s Tan running track.

Both he and Surf Ironman Matt Poole were on hand to explain the Wings for Life charity and the Wings for Life World Run, which will see participants in six countries and 35 locations around the world start a race at the exact same time.

The only difference in this race, is the finish line catches you.

Participants will set off at 9pm Melbourne time (AEST) 30 minutes before a ‘Catcher Car’ begins its race. A runner’s race will end once they’re overtaken by the car.

The Wings for Life foundation is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at funding research into spinal cord injuries. 100% of the entry fees for the Wings for Life World Run go directly towards the foundation.

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Image via George Hitchens

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