Romain Grosjean has had two penalty points added to his FIA Super License following his collision with Manor Marussia’s Will Stevens during Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix.

After lapping the British backmarker, the Lotus driver chopped across the nose of Stevens’ car under braking for the final chicane; the contact broke Stevens’ front wing and cut Grosjean’s left-rear tyre, prompting an unscheduled pit stop for both drivers.

Grosjean and Stevens collide - 2015 Canadian Grand Prix

Grosjean chops across Stevens’ nose.

Grosjean was on course for a possible top-five finish at the time, but the extra stop dropped him to tenth place behind Red Bull Racing’s Daniil Kvyat, which is where he finished the 70-lap race.

Grosjean protested at the time over pit-to-car radio that Stevens had hit him, and had failed to yield sufficiently while being lapped.

“If it was my fault with the Marussia I’m very sorry,” he was recorded as saying. “But the rule says that the lapped car should leave the [racing] line.”

Stevens thought differently.

“He’s so stupid!” he yelled. “He cuts in front of me every single time he overtakes. Where does he want me to go, off the track?”

The FIA Stewards – which included 1980 World Champion Alan Jones on its panel – smartly sided with Stevens; Grosjean was issued with a further five-second time penalty, which had no effect on his eventual finishing position. Furthermore, he was docked two penalty points, taking his 12-month tally to four.

“I thought I was past the Manor,” Grosjean admitted after his trip to the FIA offices. “But it was soon clear that I wasn’t. It was my fault entirely and I apologise for it.”

Images via FOM and Lotus F1 Team

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