Campos Racing’s Rio Haryanto has collected his second win in GP2, holding off a pressing Stoffel Vandoorne and his team-mate Nobuharu Matsushita.

Pole sitter Nick Yelloly didn’t get a great start off the line, dropping a place to Haryanto and then locking up into Turn 1 and hitting Alexander Rossi. Yelloly retired from the race shortly after while Rossi dropped back to thirteenth position, leaving him the task to claw his way back through the field just as he did in the Feature Race.

Artem Markelov gained two positions after the Yelloly-Rossi contact, which put him right on the back of Haryanto. The Russian Time driver seemed to have more speed than Haryanto, but was a bit too impatient in trying to pass the Indonesian for the lead. He dived in on the inside of Haryanto on Lap 14, however he took too much speed with him into the corner, causing him to cut across Haryanto and off the track, clipping the Campos driver’s front wing in the process.

Markelov’s misjudgement saw him drop down the order to eighth place where he remained for the rest of the race, and that left Vandoorne to put the pressure on Haryanto for the lead.

Vandoorne spent over 15 laps hounding the race leader, but the Indonesian’s speed on the exit of Turn 2 was too great for the Belgian, meaning the ART driver couldn’t get close enough for a pass at Turn 3.

Alex Lynn, who started sixth, stalled on the grid and was wheeled into the pits, effectively ruining his race. He returned to the track just ahead of Haryanto, then showed the pace he’s had all weekend by pulling away from the lead cars so he wouldn’t drop a lap down.

  Driver   Team / Entry Laps Result
1. Rio Haryanto id Campos Racing 28 35:57.944
2. Stoffel Vandoorne be ART Grand Prix 28 + 0.450
3. Nobuharu Matsushita jp ART Grand Prix 28 + 0.905
4. Sergey Sirotkin ru Rapax 28 + 1.368
5. Mitch Evans nz Russian Time 28 + 3.395
6. Pierre Gasly fr DAMS 28 + 6.362
7. Jordan King uk Racing Engineering 28 + 6.722
8. Alexander Rossi us Racing Engineering 28 + 7.929
9. Robert Vișoiu ro Rapax 28 + 19.389
10. Raffaele Marciello it Trident 28 + 19.942
11. Arthur Pic fr Campos Racing 28 + 22.034
12. Daniël de Jong nl MP Motorsport 28 + 31.108
13. Norman Nato fr Arden International 28 + 31.730
14. René Binder at Trident 28 + 34.330
15. Richie Stanaway nz Status Grand Prix 28 + 36.352
16. Marco Sørenson dk Carlin 28 + 37.945
17. Nathanaël Berthon fr Daiko Team Lazarus 28 + 40.651
18. Simon Trummer ch Hilmer Motorsport 28 + 42.119
19. Marlon Stöckinger ph Status Grand Prix 28 + 59.175
20. Alex Lynn uk DAMS 28 + 1:04.756
21. André Negrão br Arden International 28 + 1:14.124
22. Julián Leal co Carlin 27 1 lap behind
  Not Classified   Team / Entry Laps Result
DNF. Nick Yelloly uk Hilmer Motorsport 1 Accident
EXC. Artem Markelov* ru Russian Time   Fuel Sample
WD. Zoël Amberg ch Daiko Team Lazarus   unwell

* Markelov (originally classified in eighth place) was excluded from the results after his car failed to deliver the minimum 1-litre fuel sample for post-race scrutineering.

Images via GP2 Series Media

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