Dale Wood and Nick Percat have both received championship points’ penalties from the V8 Supercars stewards following contact during Saturday’s opening Sprint Race at the Sydney Motorsport Park, which subsequently flared up in a heated post-race argument between the pair.

The pair came together in the race’s early stages while battling for 21st place, with Percat going for a pass on the inside of Turn 7 only to find Wood’s BJR Holden turning across him for the corner apex.

The contact sent Wood spinning off the circuit and he rejoined at the rear of the field, but the matter wasn’t finished there.

After the 16-lap race and on the field’s slow-down lap heading for the pits, Wood caught up to Percat and initiated further side-to-side contact in a clear act of retribution. The contact caused damage to the steering in Percat’s LDM Holden.

Their on-track anger spilled over into the paddock afterwards, with Percat storming into the Brad Jones Racing garage to remonstrate with Wood.

“You and David Wall, the cash cows of the category, turn in on everyone… you’ve got no ability mate!” – Part of the heated post-race exchange caught on camera, much of which is too expletive-laden to publish

Percat went on to further explain his anger in a one-on-one interview with series broadcaster V8TV.

“Generally the way with him, and a few other people who are here on different reasons … we can’t go through side-by-side like everyone else does, he just turns in,” Percat explained.

“He would’ve been up the inside at the next corner [a right-hander], it’s not worth racing like that.

“And on the in-lap he’s come up next to me and nailed me in the front wheel, bent the steering, ripped the wheel out of my hand and smashed the exhaust. So I’ve asked him to come fix my car as well as his with his money, so it’ll be good.”

The pair was summoned to the Stewards’ offices after their incidents, where Percat was handed a 25-point penalty for causing the collision with Wood, while Wood was given a 35-point penalty for his post-race antics on the cool-down lap.

Image via V8 Supercars

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