We have just two more Grand Prix weekends left this season for you to exclusively advertise with us at RF1!

Advertising with RF1 is a great way to showcase your client’s products and services to our readership base of over 250,000 dedicated motorsport fans/readers around the globe.

We are delighted to exclusively offer you massive discounts in our Spring sale!

Sponsored Race ($100 per race – 75% discount): RF1 generates a lot of traffic when covering major motorsport events over the course of the year. Sponsoring a race gives you a lot of bang for your advertising dollar. Click here for an example.

Sponsorship of the race includes the following:

  • A customised banner ad: “RF1 coverage brought to you by (insert your company name or logo).” This banner ad will be included in all articles published that are specific to the motorsport event over the entire weekend;
  • A free side-bar ad during the month of your sponsored race;
  • One sponsored post to be published at a time of your choosing.

Our Sponsored Race advertising slots are closing fast; we have just two races left on the calendar which are up for grabs (Japan, Abu Dhabi).

Here's how your ad would look when you sponsor a race weekend

Here’s how your ad would look when you sponsor a race weekend

Banner Ad ($25/month – 50% discount!): The banner ad would be placed at the footer of selected news articles published on RF1. You may choose to have the advertisement presented on specific story categories (e.g. Formula 1 only) or to have them randomly allocated across a number of stories as we determine. A one-month placement will guarantee you twenty individual article placements across the calendar month, with the ad linking directly back to your client’s website. The banner ad’s format/design/link can be altered once per month. Click here for an example.

Sidebar Ad Example: Click to enlarge

Sidebar Ad Example: Click to enlarge

Side-Bar Ad ($40/month – 20% discount!): The side-bar ads are placed on the right side of the RF1 website home page, guaranteeing maximum visibility for your client. If you commit to a one-year placement the format/design/link for the ad can be updated or changed once per month. The sidebar ad will directly link to your client’s website. Click here for an example

Sponsored Post ($250/article): RF1 will write a full feature article on the site about your product or services including (up to 3) pictures and links your client will supply. This feature will also be shared across our Facebook and Twitter social media platforms and remain accessible on the website for six months after the date of publication.

If you’d like to discuss your advertising options with one of Australia’s largest and widely-read motorsport websites, please feel free to contact us at advertising@richardsf1.com.

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