Despite Williams not having the strongest package when it comes to street circuits, Felipe Massa is confident that he can repeat his top five finish last year.

“Definitely it’s not the best track for us. We struggled in Monaco and in Budapest as well. So it is not the best track for us but it’s also true that even last year it was not the best track for us but we were better here than in Monaco or maybe Budapest as well.”

“I remember I finished fifth here last year, we did a good race and perhaps the car last year was even worse than this year. So I think it’s a race where many things happen and the possibility to score good points is there. So we need to believe in that and do everything the best we can to achieve that, also knowing that from after this race until the end of the season most of the tracks are good for us. There are still many races where we can do well.”

Williams received an upgraded version of the Mercedes power unit in Monza, although the team still have to wait for Mercedes’ new power unit, which saw Lewis Hamilton race in a class of his own at the Italian Grand Prix.

“We just had the new engine in Monza, so I think we should have maybe another three races – this one and maybe another two – and then after that we should have the last engine to finish the season. So if we change it then this is the time, but if we’re going to have this engine or not I don’t know.”

“It’s not nice when you have another team using the same engine as you but they have a more powerful engine.”

When it comes to the development of the car, Massa is doing everything he can to ensure information relays back to his engineers to improve on the FW37’s weaknesses. Although Massa suggests that the development may need to take an out of the box approach towards next year’s car.

“We’re working to change what we believe is not right and to understand what we believe is working well to keep improving. That’s always what you’re doing from one year to another. Last year to this year we just kept working on the same line, so maybe we have some different ideas for next year and I hope it works.”

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