Red Bull Racing’s ordinary season has started to take its toll on Daniel Ricciardo, with the continuous engine problems, coupled the rumours of a new engine supplier, hindering the Aussie’s race preparations.

“The torture has gone on so long, and obviously we have had a pretty long year right now, that not only me as a driver but us as a team, we just want something that will see us on the podium more often. Give us what we deserve as a group,” Ricciardo said.

Despite not being certain of which engine will be powering his RB12 next season, Ricciardo has put the shortcomings of 2015 behind him and is looking forward to being competitive in 2016.

“I will be as straight as I can, but we expected this year to be better, not only from performance but from reliability, so this year was more challenging than we hoped. You just hope moving forward that whatever happens in 16 that we don’t struggle as much as we did this year.

“My preference is whatever is fastest. At the moment with the badge it doesn’t change – people say Mercedes, Ferrari, what would it be? Whichever is going to give us the better chance of victories right now is what I want. We will see what happens, but something that is (fast).”

With Mercedes all but confirming they won’t be supplying the Milton Keynes outfit, Red Bull has no option but to turn to Ferrari for a power unit supply in 2016.

Image via Red Bull Content Pool

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