Toro Rosso Team Principle Franz Tost has stood by Max Verstappen’s actions in the latter stages of the Singapore Grand Prix, where Verstappen was told to let team-mate Carlos Sainz past.

Sainz was on a fresher set of tyres yet had been posting lap times similar to Verstappen’s, giving the teenager no reason to let Sainz past.

“Carlos had new tyres, therefore we thought we can switch positions. But Carlos was too slow and too far behind and then we said no. So Max was right because he saw that Carlos was not closing up, and Carlos could not have caught [Sergio] Perez and therefore we said no let them go, it does not make sense,” Tost told Sky Sports F1.

“Carlos was always minimum between three and five tenths behind, if he wants to swap positions he must be more closer to him otherwise it doesn’t make sense. He wouldn’t have caught Perez, no chance.”

Verstappen had been on a charge throughout the entire race since his engine cut out once the lights went green. It was a solid performance yet again from the Dutchman, but the team got quite lucky that the safety car was brought out which allowed Verstappen to unlap himself.

“It absolutely must not happen that the engine stops because you have the anti-stall. We must find out what happened and for me that’s absolutely not an excuse. Later we were lucky with the safety car, but I must say Max and also Carlos drove a fantastic race, we had a really good competitive car and at the end we scored points.”

Despite being pushed into the pits after the start of the race and re-joining a lap down, Verstappen was satisfied with the result of the race.

“It was an amazing race, I enjoyed it a lot. After stalling at the start I thought it was over, as I was pushed to the pit-lane and then re-joined the race one lap behind… But I just kept on pushing and to finish P8 is just fantastic! My pace was great and once again I really enjoyed all the overtaking. I don’t think there was any reason for me to give up my position after going from being one lap behind to being back in the points, I think I deserved that P8,” Verstappen said.

Image via Red Bull Content Pool

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