Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne says that the prancing horse could easily find other ways of promoting their brand if Ferrari decides to leave Formula 1 in the future.

The Italian manufacturer, alongside Mercedes and Renault, is unhappy of the possibility Bernie Ecclestone and FIA president Jean Todt could be given more power in decisions regarding Formula 1’s future.

“Ferrari is likely to find other ways to provide its ability to win and to race. This is so easy,” Marchionne said.

“That would be a great pity of course, nobody wants Ferrari out of F1. F1 would change [without Ferrari]. It would be something else.”

Sergio Marchionne

Although confident that Ferrari could easily promote itself without competing in Formula 1, Marchionne added that it would be “highly improbable” that Ferrari would leave the sport.

“Nobody would be interested in Formula 1 without Ferrari, not even Mercedes. We are all there to compete.”

Ferrari, who have invested heavily into the new 1.6-litre hybrid engine era, are keen to continue participating and protect their investment rather than change the rules, which is a possibility if Ecclestone and Todt are handed more control over the sport.

“It is something is going to happen can’t be debated, we do not agree with this position,” said Marchionne.

“This is something we are in line with Mercedes and also with Renault, we spend a hundreds of millions every year so these are heavy investments.

“The issue is trying to come up with power units which are affordable to all teams. The teams that are able to develop their own engines are being deprived of the reason why to go on track during every race.

“We race during every grand prix to improve ourselves, so we should try to improve our cutting edge and this is a different approach to the one which wants to be imposed.

“If F1 is going to become like NASCAR in the US, well I’m not interested in that.

“We have a technical advantage from working on the track and so that’s why it is so important to us, to use the power units on the track. I perfectly understand the problems that other teams may have but this is something FOM has to commit to solving.”

Images via Ferrari Media Centre

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