Grand Prix Circuits, by Maurice Hamilton
© 2015 Harper Collins, ISBN 9780008136604 (Hardcover)

Regular readers of our website will know that its editor is an absolute sucker for any books on racing circuits – hell, he has over thirty of them tattooed on his body! – and so imagine our delight at the publication of a new book that looks exclusively at every Formula 1 circuit to have been used.

To-date, 71 different circuits have played host to the Formula 1 World Championship since its inception in 1950 and Grand Prix Circuits, penned by veteran journalist Maurice Hamilton is truly the first of its kind to painstakingly dive into each and every one of them.

The hardcover book charts, in chronological order of their first use in Formula 1 racing – meaning Monza is first and Sochi is last – every single Grand Prix circuit from the past and present. There’s a map of each (many showing the multiple configurations some circuits have been run on), with images, key statistics and Hamilton’s informed commentary on the history and heritage of each.

Partnering with Harper Collins – the world-leading publisher of maps and atlases – was a smart move. The circuit maps are painstakingly detailed and accurate, using accurate satellite imagery to create a reader-friendly presentation of each and every circuit.

Readers can uncover facts about some of the sport’s lesser-known – and a few little-loved! – circuits that have played host to Formula 1 racing over the last 65 years, along with excellent accounts of why each has an important footprint in Formula 1 history.

What is easily apparent is the often worryingly increasing role that circuit designer Hermann Tilke has played in Formula 1’s changing landscape. From Sepang onwards, virtually every circuit to have been launched – and which, overwhelmingly, have proven to be short-lived – has his mark. Hamilton himself notes how similar a number of these venues feel to each other, which is an opinion shared by many, including us.

If you’re on the lookout for a gift for someone who is a Formula 1 fan or historian, then this is an absolute must-have in their collection. Short of visiting a number of the circuits themselves, this is undoubtedly the best way to revel in an important slice of Formula 1 history.

Grand Prix Circuits is currently available at all major book resellers. Our review copy was kindly provided to us by Harper Collins Australia.

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