Formula 1 bosses have unanimously voted for a restructure to the current qualifying format which is set to debut for the upcoming season.

Following a meeting in Geneva between the Strategy Group and the F1 Commission, the change in qualifying format was voted through in yet another attempt to “spice up the show”.

Qualifying will still follow the same principal it has in recent years – a one hour session which is split into three segments – however; all drivers must remain on track throughout each session until they get knocked out.

Q1 will last 16 minutes and after the first seven minutes the slowest driver will be eliminated from the session. Every 90 seconds following the elimination another knockout will occur until there are 15 drivers left

There will still be a break between the sessions, and once Q2 begins drivers will have 15 minutes on track, with the slowest driver to be eliminated after six minutes. Q2 will follow the same process as Q1, where the slowest driver after the 90 second interval will be dropped from the session.

Q3 will run for 14 minutes and follow the same procedure as the two sessions before it, although it will be five minutes until the slowest driver is eliminated from Qualifying. The next five drivers will drop out at 90 second intervals which will leave the remaining two drivers to fight it out for pole in the final 90 seconds.

The details of the new qualifying format are still to be refined, but the general guidelines have been agreed upon by all team bosses.

Image via Red Bull Content Pool

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