Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner believes that the radio clampdown for the 2016 season may have exceeded the initial intentions of the ban.

The past few seasons has seen a number of drivers increasingly radioing back to the pit wall asking for driving advice, and similarly, the pit wall advising every minute detail to their driver during every session across a race weekend.

The initial idea of the radio ban was to put the onus back onto the drivers, and let them to what they’re paid big money to do, and that’s use their talent to race the best machines in the world.

However, Horner believes that in this process fans may suffer as there will be less team radio broadcasted during a race.

“I think out of well intention, sometimes we don’t think through the consequences,” Horner said in Friday’s FIA press conference.

“The intention of restricting the radio is that the drivers need to drive the car and I don’t think anybody enjoys hearing a driver being told how to operate his car.”

“I think the problem that we have is that the complexity of these cars is so great now and the assistance that is required from the pit wall and behind the scenes is very different to Formula 1 of even three, four years ago.

“And it’s finding that line: is it right to help a driver find a bit of clear space in traffic or to pit now and so on?”

Earlier today, FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting held a separate press conference to brief the media on the new rules for 2016 and any questions the media may have had.

Speaking on the topic of the radio ban, Whiting believed that from what he had been hearing, fans weren’t too interested in the technical communication between the pit wall and the driver, and they wanted to see the driver race by himself.

While the latter part of that comment may be true, Horner believes fans are interested in the technical communication.

“I think there’s entertainment through the radio and I think that what’s fascinating to hear these guys communicating at the speeds they’re achieving and in the heat of the battle – that radio content can produce good entertainment behind the scenes for the fans and it’s finding that balance.”

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Image via Red Bull Content Pool

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