Ferrari has fast-tracked the introduction of a new front wing to be debuted at this weekend’s Russian Grand Prix in hopes to score their first win of the season.

Both Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen are scheduled to run the updated front wing this weekend, which the team hopes will help in regaining points lost due to engine reliability problems.

The Scuderia has spent its final three engine development tokens on combustion improvements to the power unit, which should raise the compression ratio in the cylinder, leading to increased gas flow and a stable and improved turbo.

Ferrari hopes that the modifications to the power unit will not only improve the overall horsepower output of their engine, but develop the efficiency of the ERS (Energy Recovery System) which they have identified as the main element of the power unit that needs improvement.

The changes made to the power unit means that Räikkönen will take a second engine, while Vettel will move on to his third for the season. Each driver is permitted to use five engines throughout the course of a season before penalties apply.

Image via XPB Images

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