Both Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutiérrez made it no secret that neither driver was happy with the set-up of their Haas F1 Team car during Friday practice at the Spanish Grand Prix.

However, it was Gutiérrez who had trouble biting his tongue and delivered an extraordinary outburst to the press afterwards, making it quite clear that the American rookie team needs to up its game if they’re to push for points again in the near future.

“I honestly put myself aside from this because it’s not really my responsibility to fix the car,” Gutiérrez said.

“The team has to get on top of this, I am here to drive, to drive as fast as possible and it is what I really love doing. It’s not nice because it’s making me look very bad to the outside as a driver, personally.

“All the fucking great job I’m doing on the inside is not really perceived by the outside.

“So it’s a little bit frustrating on that side and also showing my pace I’ve been quick on everything, I just hope to get the car that I deserve in order to put the results on the paper.”

Although Grosjean is making the change to revert to the set-up he used at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Gutiérrez feels that even though he thinks he is struggling more with the setup, he won’t be reverting to an older set-up.

“Let’s say on the characteristics side of the car, set-up, it’s pretty similar in most of the cases but on the other things it’s not the same. You can see it from the outside that I’ve been having more issues than him,” Gutierrez continued.

“For me it didn’t feel quite bad on the soft. I only did three corners but I was really enjoying it, the car was pretty smooth, the tyres were very nice and I really enjoyed it a lot. I will stay myself with that and tomorrow I recover.”

Image via XPB Images

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