Kevin Magnussen says he would like the upgraded Renault power unit to be introduced at next week’s Monaco Grand Prix.

Renault is currently testing the engine in the post-Spanish Grand Prix test as well as Red Bull, with the feedback and performance positive although they are yet to run it at full power.

“To be honest, the engine feels nice to drive and the drivability is actually better than with the old engine … Yeah there’s more power, but from the driving point of view it’s difficult to feel how fast you’re going on the straight,” Magnussen said.

“Whether you’re going 330kph or 333kph is difficult to feel, but the engineers will have it on the data and they will tell us later on. At the moment the main thing is the power unit is drivable so that we can continue just working as normal.

Although Magnussen finished the morning session of the final day of testing in fifth position 1.8 seconds off the pace, the step forward the upgraded engine provides would be welcomed for Monaco.

“Yeah definitely. Whether we get it or not [I’m not sure], I’d like to have it but I’m not deciding it.

“Always when you put a new engine in the car it needs a bit of trimming to get the power delivery right. Especially with these new engines, with all these systems every engine is a bit different and it needs fine-tuning every time, even if it’s not a new spec engine.

“Just the same version of another engine needs work. All I can say is I’m happy that it’s drivable and it means we can continue working on it.”

Image via Renault Sport F1

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