Lewis Hamilton has said that there is no bad blood between himself and teammate Nico Rosberg following their incident where they took each other out of the Spanish Grand Prix.

Rosberg had enjoyed a better start than his Hamilton from second position, and passed his teammate on the outside of Turn One, although on the lead up to Turn Four, Rosberg was in the wrong engine setting which saw Hamilton attempt to pass on the inside. Rosberg went to cover Hamilton’s attack and the Briton found himself evading his teammate and on the grass, losing control and collecting Rosberg at Turn Four.

“He was on the racing line and that’s the better approach to the corner so it’s easier to outbrake someone on the inside and dirtier line,” Hamilton said.

“He just braked later than me, I don’t think I was particularly early but he was just later. Being as it is on the outside line, you can brake later and the corner is open. In hindsight you can look back and say I could brake later, but I didn’t.

“If I’d gone to the left he would have gone on the right because he had such a two from me and I would have left the door open. So it wasn’t a good corner!”

The incident was a reminder to when the pair last tangled in a race; the Belgian Grand Prix in 2014, where Rosberg took too much speed into the Turn Five chicane and hit Hamilton’s rear causing a puncture and damage to his own front wing.

The result was hostility within the team, as Hamilton was left furious with his teammate’s actions, however, that incident was close to two years ago, and the pair have grown up more according to Hamilton.

“We spoke to each other today and in the past there would have been some kind of tension of some sort, but today it was just pure respect,” Hamilton continued.

“I said ‘I have all the respect for you’ and he said the same. It doesn’t change anything or how we approach our racing. So maybe we are just getting old! We are good at our jobs and we know it, we are just getting older.

“It’s always good to discuss things so we did that as a team. In Barcelona and then at the factory [we talked]. It’s always good but I didn’t feel we had to because we were in that frame of mind that there was no issue.

“We just move on and be clear about the past. Communication is key and in a large organisation to just have a discussion is positive I think.”

Image via XPB Images

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