Renault’s Kevin Magnussen has commented on the development on the RS16, stating that Renault has actually gone backwards rather than forwards since the last round in Spain.

The team had a full two days of testing with reserve driver Esteban Ocon and Magnussen at the wheel, although the setups tested and the balance of the car hasn’t improved as a result.

“We have made the car worse, and that’s a mistake from us. We thought we’d made the car better from the test,” Magnussen said.

“I’m sure some of the things we tried were improvements, but balance and set-up wise, it’s not made the car better for this track.

“We’ll revisit it in another race, but for here we’ll go back to what we know and see where we are.

“So we’ll go back to what we know, have run many times which should suit this track better.

There is a glimmer of hope for the team, as their upgraded power unit received positive reviews from Magnussen, although the Dane reiterated that all the improvements come down to the chassis.

“The engine is not our main concern at the moment. I’m very happy to say Renault has done a great job, they’ve achieved what they promised with the numbers and lap time goals, so that’s a good job from them and is very encouraging,” Magnussen continued.

“But for us we could have the best engine on the grid right now and we’d still be close to where we are. We just have to improve our car.”

Magnussen was limited just an hour of running during FP2, as he crashed into the barriers at the final corner of the Monaco street circuit.

“I just understeered into the wall. I turned in and had no grip.

“Looking through the data I didn’t go any faster than the lap before, I hit the wall slightly, but it only damaged the front wing. The suspension is okay, which is nice for the mechanics as they’re not going to have such a long night.”

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