Pirelli has shown off its new tyre range for the 2017 season, with a notable difference in sizes in both the front and rear tyres.

The front tyre grows from 245 millimetres to 305 millimetres wide, while the rears become much fatter due to an 80-millimetre increase in width from 325 to 405 millimetres. The size of rims will remain the same at 13 inches, which will continue to give Formula 1 the unique classic look.


Pirelli has already started to test the new tyres with Formula 1 cars that are two to three years old, however, from the beginning of August, 2015 cars will be permitted to run the new prototype tyres in the new size.

The change in tyres is part of Formula 1’s bid to enhance the show by making the cars look better with a more aggressive look and improve lap times by up to five seconds per lap. It will also aid the car in coping with the higher levels of downforce it will endure once the regulations change for 2017.

Images via Pirelli media

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