Max Verstappen has said that he had a greater learning experience during the Monaco Grand Prix than when he took his first victory last month in Spain.

Speaking on Thursday about his crashes on both Saturday and Sunday in Monaco, Verstappen expressed his frustration about his performance but also said he learned a lot from the experience.

“I would say I’m disappointed of course but you learn from those weekends, even more than what I learned from Barcelona. You need that sometimes to become better,” said Verstappen.

When it was asked if his confidence had taken a hit he replied: “No, absolutely not.

“I don’t really see Canada as a street circuit so I’m ready to go again. It wouldn’t be good if it lets you down, it’s a week ago so you get over it.

“The thing is if you make a mistake in qualifying, you have to start last and try and make up positions which is not easy in Monaco.

“We came back to ninth and then you know, got a little too motivated to go even further and maybe that caught me out.”

Despite having a more experienced teammate in Daniel Ricciardo, Verstappen doesn’t feel any added pressure to perform at a higher level.

“To be honest I’ve always been against drivers who have had more experience, even compared to Carlos,” Verstappen continued.

“He was driving for five or six years in car racing so it’s a bit different, but I always seem to handle it well, it doesn’t seem to make a difference in my preparation. I can also see the difference between when I was 14 and 17 years old, how much you gain not just on pace or driving but just experience and that makes a difference.”

Image via Red Bull Content Pool

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