Renault’s Kevin Magnussen has pinned his crash in FP3 which saw him miss qualifying due to extensive damage on a set of cold tyres.

Although the crash wasn’t at high speed, the car hit the wall square on causing a high amount of damage to the new chassis Renault had brought to Canada.

“I was just going out of the corner, hit a bump and it snapped massively and then I hit the wall,” Magnussen explained.

“It was really strange. We had put a set [of tyres] on that I had run already and they hadn’t been warmed up in the blankets, they didn’t have time to get it warm.

“We just stuck them on and they were very slippery. And it is weird, because we have done it before and been alright. But maybe because the track temperature was so low it didn’t work. But it caught me out.”

Even though Magnussen identified the cause of the crash was down to cool tyres and the struggle of getting the ultra-soft up to temperature, he still takes his share of the blame as he lit the rears which sent him into the wall.

“I am the driver and I am driving the car and I need to keep it out of the walls. It is my responsibility. But I definitely got caught out.”

Since the new chassis Renault brought to the Canadian Grand Prix is now damaged, the team will now revert to an older specification chassis used in previous races.

“This [chassis] will be repaired and I am sure when it is repaired it is going to be the best chassis still. It is not so damaged the tub, but it needs repairing. It hit so much on the side, so it was only the crash structure and the crash structure takes quite a long time to fix. So when that is done, this chassis will be pretty much intact.”

Image via XPB Images

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