Ferrari will trial the halo concept design for a second time during the first free practice for the Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg, as the FIA plan on introducing the design for 2017.

It’s believed that “halo 2” will feature a slimmer design made from titanium, however, Ferrari may choose to run just static tests in the pit lane under the eyes of the FIA’s safety representative.

The FIA his still evaluating the specifics and efficiency of the design given the limited testing that’s been run on it, although teams will be informed by early July whether halo will be mandatory for all cars in 2017.

Currently put on the backburners, the Red Bull aeroscreen design was sidelined due to lack of testing and won’t be available for introduction for next season, but may have a chance to be introduced for 2018 if Red Bull can outsource funding for the project.

“At the moment we have suspended all our work on the Aeroscreen because we are awaiting a direction officially from the FIA. They have all the info.

“We don’t have the resource nor capacity to continue the development on it. Plus somebody also has to pay for it.”

Laurent Mekies from the FIA institute, said that the Red Bull aeroscreen hasn’t been fully reject as of yet, rather the FIA has chosen the halo device to focus on for scheduling and work task reasons.

Image via XPB Images

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