Both Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas remain confident that Williams are still in a better position than close rivals Force India.

Force India currently sit in fifth position 31 points adrift Williams, however, two podiums in three races has raised their stocks with many believing they can pose a threat for fourth in the Constructors’ championship.

Although both Massa and Bottas were quick to dismiss the hype, saying that Force India’s success is track dependent.

“Force India definitely show to be that competitive in the city tracks, like Monaco and Baku, so we need to wait for the normal tracks to show the same,” Massa said.

“But we can be more competitive than Force India in my opinion so we just need to concentrate on that. We know that now we have more teams – not counting Mercedes – but you have like maybe two or three teams fighting for a very small gap which was a little bit less last year and even less the year before. So this is something that is a little bit different now.”

While his teammate Bottas agrees that Force India’s competitiveness is limited to street circuits, the Finn gives Force India a bit more credit for their success.

“I think they do something better with the mechanical grip of the car, we think that’s the only reason why. In normal circuits, with more high-speed corners, we are clear of Force India. So I expect we should be ahead of them here,” Bottas said.

Image via XPB Images

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