Lewis Hamilton maintains that he gave teammate Nico Rosberg enough room during their Turn Two incident on the final lap of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Rosberg looked the likely victor of the race after he had gotten ahead of Hamilton once the first round of pit stops was completed, as Hamilton suffered a botched stop when his car was dropped without having secured the left rear tyre.

The two drivers were on different tyre compounds when Hamilton got better traction from Turn One and challenged Rosberg towards Turn Two. Hamilton tried to pass his teammate on the outside as Rosberg braked too deep into the corner and forced Hamilton off the track, hitting his sidepod in the process.

“Nico made a mistake into turn one, clipped the kerb and went wide” Hamilton said.

“I got a good run on him, he blocked the inside and I went outside. I was on racing line, he was on my blind side, I assumed he was there. I went very wide and as I started to turn, I was on edge of the track and he collided with me.

“My guys said he had something up with the brakes, maybe, I am not sure exactly what happened, I came back onto the track as quick as I could.”

After the race, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff claimed that Rosberg had a brake by wire failure, while Rosberg defended himself saying Hamilton was the cause of the crash.

Aside from the finger pointing and excuses, Hamilton has now cut the lead to Rosberg to 14 points, and it could be reduced even further as Rosberg is currently under investigation for driving a seriously damaged vehicle to the end of the race where he finished in fourth position.

“I am just grateful I didn’t give up, I kept pushing and I really enjoyed the race, that is what racing is about. It is about close battles and difficult challenges ahead. The most important thing is you keep your head up.”

Image via XPB Images

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