Toto Wolff has suggested that team orders could come into effect at Mercedes as a result of the clash between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

The two teammate collided with each other on the final lap of the Austrian Grand Prix as Rosberg ran into Hamilton trying to defend his position into Turn Two, which resulted in heavy damage for Rosberg while Hamilton continued on to win the race.

“It was clear that it was going to happen eventually and from my naive thinking I thought they had learned the lesson and it’s not going to happen anymore,” Wolf said.

“I don’t want to attribute any blame because every time you watch the video and you look at on-boards there is new information,” he said. “You can’t clearly say who is more to blame than the other. I have a personal opinion, and I’m not going to express it here. As a matter of fact that needs to be avoided.

“In Barcelona I was much easier with it because we had 30 races without any collision (it was 29), it was clear it was eventually going to happen, it wiped out both cars.

Wolff says that as a result of another incident where his two drivers could have avoided an accident, team orders could possibly be introduced to prevent the situation repeating, no matter how much he disagrees with the option.

“You have to look at all the options available and one option is to freeze the order at a certain stage of the race, which is unpopular and makes me want to puke because I’d like to see them race, but the racing is not possible without contact, and that’s a consequence”

This is the third time the two have had a coming together this year, the first coming in Spain where they took each other out of the race on the first lap, and

“We will make a decision irrespectively of what they say. It’s the core race team that’s going to make a decision and it could go either direction. The outcome needs to be that we avoid contact between the two cars, so everything is going to be on the table.”

When Wolff was asked whether his drivers would respect team orders, he simply replied: “Yes, with capital letters”

Image via XPB Images

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