Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has said that his team will impose a sanction on Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton which will impact their chance at the championship if they collide on track again.

A statement released earlier today by Mercedes read that the team had strengthened their “Rules of Engagement” to include “much greater deterrents to contact between our cars.”

The German manufacturer hasn’t revealed any details of the deterrents put in place to prevent the two drivers from clashing on track, although Wolff said that the sanctions would include options that will have a negative impact on their title campaigns.

“You know how a driver is calibrated and what is important for a driver – and it is clear that if it would happen again, which is entirely in their hands, it is something that would have a negative outcome for their campaign,” Wolff said on Thursday.

Wolff has made it clear that the team has lost patience with Hamilton and Rosberg’s on track actions that have cost Mercedes over 50 points in the constructors’ championship, which included the drivers taking each other out in Spain, a first lap incident in Canada where Rosberg was edged off the track, and the last lap collision in Austria.

“We have had a culmination of accidents in the last couple of races that we somehow need to contain,” Wolff continued.

“This is the tricky bit because if you have a yellow card, will it change your way of tackling it or not? Because you know what happens with a second yellow card. It is a scenario that none of us wants to be in.”

When Wolff was asked if the team would specifically drop or ban one of their drivers as part of a punishment, Wolff put the responsibility back on the drivers.

“If I would answer the question we would go into detail… The drivers are the heroes, the stars of the show.

“I don’t want to belittle them – and in answering your question there is a danger that I would do so. I don’t want to go there. We decided we wouldn’t want to elaborate on the rules in public because it is a very internal thing that should hopefully prevent such an incident to occur again.

“It is like a contractual detail. We are speaking about possible sporting, possible financial consequences and I wouldn’t want to go into the detail.”

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