Daniel Ricciardo says he has put his recent misfortunes behind him and believes that a podium result is possible this weekend at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The Australian won the race back in 2014 as he took advantage of the circuit’s high downforce nature and an off-the-pace Mercedes team to record his second career victory.

“I think we definitely have a good chance at a podium,” Ricciardo said.

“That is first thing we will set our sights on. And then we will see. Hopefully somewhere higher on the podium, but I think realistically we can be really close to Mercedes and Ferrari here.

“Looking at the layout of Monaco and all that, they have had the track resurfaced, whether that helps anyone in particular or not, who knows. But we should be competitive.”

Since his new teammate Max Verstappen has recently outperformed him by scoring 77 points to Ricciardo’s 64, the Australian isn’t worried by the threat, but feels at the rate Verstappen is progressing he will be alarming a few drivers.

“It is not a concern. I am aware that he has done very well, and he has had the win and the podiums, but I look and say ‘I don’t like looking back’ but sure I could have had at least one win,” Ricciardo continued.

“Yes he has been competitive, and hasn’t just been that I have had all the back luck and he has had all the good luck. Obviously he has been quick, and he has put himself there, so I won’t ever make excuses.

“If he had beaten me fair and square, then I am not going to say oh it is because he did this or that. Generally he has been quick, and unfortunately he has scored more than me, but I have a few races now to close it up.

“It is an interesting one because you look, and if he is to keep progressing at the rate that he started, if he is to keep getting better and better for the next five, ten years then perhaps it is frightening for quite a few people. But the only things I am scared of are sharks and snakes, so that is okay!”

When asked whether he thought the pendulum had swung to the other side of the garage, Ricciardo replied: “No, I don’t think it is anything like that within the team.”

“On my side, it is always nice when you are the one getting the results, or if anyone is doing the winning, you want it to be you. It is not really about if within the team everyone is jumping on board with him or me, I don’t think it is really working like that. It is just for me to make sure I can be the best I can, and I still believe if I am then I will be quick.

Image via Red Bull Content Pool

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