Lewis Hamilton has expressed his displeasure over the new tarmac laid around the Hungaroring, saying that the circuit should have “saved their money”.

The Hungaroring has had a makeover since the last time Formula 1 visited the venue in July of last year, where the circuit received new kerbs along with the freshly laid tarmac.

Although the upgrade has divided opinions throughout the paddock, while some drivers enjoy the smooth surface, others like Hamilton prefer the old, more bumpy nature of the circuit.

“I don’t have the facts on why they changed it, I wish they didn’t, but it is the case and I wish they saved their money, they didn’t need to because the track was fricken amazing before,” Hamilton said on Thursday.

“Last year was amazing, the older this track gets the better it gets, just like a fine wine. I love coming here, even though they resurfaced it, it’s still an amazing circuit, you take away its character.

“It’s like taking down a wall and putting a new one up, you go to the great wall of China and you see the old wall which is hundreds of years old then you see the new part. You don’t want to stand on the new part you want to stand on the old part.”

Heading into the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend, the FIA tweaked the rules for radio communications as well as adding an electronic track limit device which will automatically detect when a driver runs over the track limit at Turn 4 and Turn 11.

While Hamilton doesn’t hold much of an opinion on the radio communication changes, he’s happy to see the FIA implement a monitoring device to stop drivers abusing track limits.

“The track limits, I’m not taking credit for it, but I had mentioned it before which they had already thought about, and they said they’ll hopefully have it in the next races, I think it would be an easy thing for them to police,” Hamilton continued.

“At the moment, some corners we’re allowed to go out, look at Silverstone, at Turn 7 you’re allowed to drive straight off the track no problem which is an advantage. Turn 9 you’re not allowed to which isn’t an advantage when you go off.

“Whenever you go outside the white line it’s an advantage generally. Here we used to have astroturf on the exit of Turn 4, and it wasn’t an advantage there. When we say we’re gaining an advantage it needs to be taken, it’s a good step forward and hopefully it will be a good step to manage it and not have to look on the reply if we’re just inside or just outside.”

Image via Mercedes AMG F1 Petronas

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