Haas’ Esteban Gutierrez has expressed his disapproval over Lewis Hamilton’s on-track behaviour during Hungarian Grand Prix.

Hamilton had been trying to defend first place against a surging Nico Rosberg when the pair encountered traffic late in the race. When Hamilton approached the final corner of the circuit Gutierrez was already there, blocking the world champion’s racing line.

This prompted the world champion to raise his hand out of the cockpit and give Gutierrez the finger.

Gutierrez was shown the blue flags, however, due to the tight nature of the final corner there wasn’t much space for the Mexican to use to avoid Hamilton.

“I didn’t ignore them [the blue flags]. I simply had two aeroplanes coming from behind!” Gutierrez said after the race.

“Of course I was focussed on my race and they came very quickly and I was trying to find the safest place to let them by.”

At the conclusion of the race, Gutierrez didn’t know Hamilton had given him the finger and was disappointed with the “disrespectful” behaviour the new championship leader displayed.

“Not a very respectful move from him I have to say,” Gutierrez continued.

“I have spoken to him in the past, I think he is respectful he is the world champion, but he shouldn’t do these kinds of things he should respect all of the competitors, you never know, maybe in the future I will be fighting a championship with him so he has to respect that.”

Image via XPB Images

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