The Formula 1 strategy group has begun its voting process on whether the Halo protection system should be introduced to the sport for 2017.

While a number of teams and drivers are split on the idea, safety grounds could force the FIA to implement the protection system next year rather than wait until it’s fully developed.

Speaking on Thursday before the German Grand Prix in Hockenheim, Romain Grosjean is not in favour of the device saying that it “goes against the DNA in Formula 1.”

“I don’t want to stop safety in Formula One and it’s great, but if we’re racing drivers then we make a choice to come into a dangerous sport and I’m not at all in favour of the Halo,” Grosjean said.

“I think everyone’s got a different opinion so it’s very difficult, and we are 22 drivers. I don’t know, I think it would become complicated. We always have the choice to give our opinions in the media and then it’s out there.

“We’ve seen the research, it’s been very well done, it’s great, the results are great but again for me the pros and the cons, it just doesn’t work.”

Instead of focussing on the Halo protection system, Grosjean believes issues such as the yellow flag incident seen in qualifying last week in Budapest are more important for the FIA to look at.

“If we want to improve safety that [yellow flags] is the first one to improve because setting pole position under a double yellow is a bit dodgy. The thing is that he [Rosberg] didn’t get anything so everyone is going to push the limit and say ‘I backed off, look, I backed off’.

“I think if we want to make the safety grade we are an example for all the young drivers, that when it’s yellow we need to slow down.

“We’re lucky in Formula One because we have the radio, we have the best cars, we have the best marshals but if there’s a young guy racing Formula Renault 2.0 who sees they can do a pole position under a yellow flag then he’s going to go for the same and there may be marshals or whatever on the track. That is something I think we can do better.”

Image via XPB Images

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