Mercedes, Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Force India will all trial the Halo head protection device during the first practice session for the Belgian Grand Prix.

Having been delayed introduction until 2018 after the FIA said there wasn’t enough tests carried out on the system, more drivers will get to use the device starting this weekend at Spa.

Nico Rosberg, Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainz and Nico Hulkenberg will all have the Halo attached to their cars at some point during tomorrow’s FP1 session.

One of the potential issues the Halo carries is the visibility drivers experience on elevated parts of a circuit, and whether the Halo would impede on a driver’s vision.

“It’s the ideal track to try it out because it is where the visibility is tested,” Sainz said.

“Through Eau Rouge is where you need to feel if it is a compromise or not. There are no concerns [going through Eau Rouge] because I will not be pushing flat out.

“It feels like they [the FIA] have listened to us as after Germany – we said we should all give it a try and give our opinion on it and it is good three drivers tomorrow are running it.”

Sainz also said that the programme for the moment is to run the Halo for the installation lap, then will decide whether to keep it on or not depending if he likes it and it doesn’t upset the rear wing.

Rosberg, who has been a vocal supporter of the device, will run at least a few laps with it on to get a feeling of what racing with it will be like.

“I’ll do one run, which will be a couple of laps, that is enough to understand if it’s good or not,” Rosberg said.

“I massively support the direction of improving head safety but I’m not a fan of anything specific.

“I’ll see how that goes to get an impression myself because I haven’t tried it yet. It needs to go on as soon as possible if it is good, but I can only tell you on Friday.”

Hulkenberg on the other hand, hasn’t hidden the fact that he isn’t a supporter of the head protection device, saying that it looks “horrible”.

“It’s not going to be long, it’s just going to be the installation lap but I do get an impression of the feeling from the inside having it on,” he said.

“It’s just about getting a feel for it and also get a read on certain things like visibility.

Hulkenberg’s teammate Sergio Perez will get to test the system next weekend at Monza.

Image via XPB Images

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