One would be forgiven thinking that Formula 1 visited a different venue after the summer break in place of Spa, given the uncharacteristically hot weather Belgium is experiencing at the moment.

The past two days the temperature gauge has topped 30 degrees and it is expected to continue throughout the weekend, which will have a big effect on the super soft compound tyre.

“One stop – if it is hot like this, very unlikely,” Ricciardo said after Friday practice.

“If we get a super hard, maybe, but with the compounds we have it will be at least two pit stops.”

Both Red Bull drivers brought six sets of super softs to Belgium, and given the heat that’s expected on Sunday, most teams will use either the mediums or the softs.

The problem for Ferrari and Sauber however, is both teams only brought one set of medium compound tyres given temperatures in Belgium are generally cooler than the heat currently residing. This gives them limited strategy options during Sunday’s race.

Ricciardo also got the chance to test the Halo head protection system for the first time, as the FIA want more drivers testing the device before introducing it to the sport for 2018.

“It is not too bad. It is definitely still a work in progress,” he said.

“The first time I’ve run it – I’d only run the aero screen before. So it was definitely different. But it was definitely good to test it, and to test it here. That is what we have to keep doing for now, so more drivers can test it before the end of the season. And just getting feedback.

“So I will give some feedback tonight. We’ve been given a sheet, a bit of homework. First impressions were not too bad. There are still a few things that can be worked on, but it is not unexpected for now. Generally speaking, not too bad.”

Image via Red Bull Content Pool

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