McLaren’s Fernando Alonso believes that Max Verstappen has nothing to explain as his driving style doesn’t require the attention of the Stewards.

Speaking on Thursday about Verstappen’s on track behaviour, Alonso says that since the Red Bull driver was in front of Kimi Raikkonen, he had the right to defend his position.

“Regarding Max, on the long straight I don’t think Kimi was side by side, Max moved and put Kimi on the grass,” said Alonso.

“It was very late and maybe he didn’t judge where Kimi was, but Kimi’s still behind. The rule, as written, is still good.”

While no penalty was handed to Verstappen, let alone an enquiry, the teenagers defensive driving has raised the question of Stewarding standards with many drivers throughout the paddock saying they’re inconsistent.

“We all agree [on inconsistent Stewards]. I saw the press conference and all six drivers agree that they are inconsistent. That is true. Even my incident in the pit lane exit with Nico [Hulkenberg].

“We exit side by side and then you touch a little bit in Turn 1, I had no penalty. Maybe in the next race you will have a penalty. So when I was driving the next couple of laps I didn’t know which stewards we had at this race.

“Both of us tried to fight for position but I could be penalized, Nico could be penalized, both could be penalized. But that is the problem we have now.”

Image via XPB Images

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