Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo says he feels that the next race in Singapore will be his best chance to get back the win he lost out on in Monaco.

The streets of Singapore boast a twisty, high downforce layout which is expected to suit Red Bull’s RB10 as it has in recent years. While Monza’s high-speed configuration usually presents a greater challenge for the Austrian outfit.

Asked whether he believed he would be competitive in Singapore, Ricciardo replied: “I think so. I don’t believe in much, but if there is a little bit of karma or whatever, I’d like to think that I will get my Monaco win back somewhere.

“Singapore is a track which I want to (win). I don’t expect to be handed a victory, absolutely not, but I feel if I work very well across that weekend, then it should hopefully provide me with a chance. So Singapore is one I am looking at.”

Ricciardo missed out on a chance at victory this year at the Monaco Grand Prix when his team made a critical mistake during his pitstop, as a communication error meant they weren’t ready for the Australian to come in.

Since then Ricciardo has been looking to rectify the errors made in May but has only finished runner up on three occasions which sees him sit third in the drivers’ championship.

“I have finished third in the past, but if I could do it again this year I’d be proud. And if we kept second in the constructors it is probably more than we expected.

“Coming into the season our target was to get third back in the constructors, so to overtake Ferrari if we can pull it off, and to be again best of the rest, with the drivers’ championship that would be a pretty good achievement. So I will take it, I will definitely take it.”

Image via Red Bull Content Pool

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