Daniil Kvyat is keeping optimistic ahead of this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix after Toro Rosso struggled massively at the two previous races in Belgium and Italy.

With Toro Rosso using the 2015-spec Ferrari power unit, the high-speed circuits at Monza and Spa were expected to be difficult for the Italian squad as they had to shed downforce in exchange for top-speed, but with one of the best chassis on the grid, Kvyat reckons the twisty Marina Bay Circuit will play to his car’s strengths:

“In theory this track should suit us quite a lot better because every time we are on full throttle we are losing time, a lot of time,” Kvyat said.

“Here that should be minimised a lot less of this driving but more about driving in the corners, we know that our car is a lot more competitive in the corners than the straights, so we will try to make it work and make the best use out of it and hopefully we will bring something good home.”

“I generally have good memories for this track, last year it could have been a good race, but it’s a new year and another race.”

“Monza and Spa was extremely difficult for us, it was an extremely difficult car to drive, we’ll see here where the track should suit us and we should have less compromise from a car point of view. We will see now, every day it can change.”

Kvyat, however, doesn’t expect an easy weekend with as tyre life is always an issue here, and with Pirelli bringing its newest compound, the ultra-soft, teams are stepping into the unknown with the purple-marked tyre.

“We will have to find out as much information as we can on Friday and try to understand, it’s still a new compound even if it’s not too different from the super softs, still it’s better to know as much as possible so that there are no surprises during the race or qualifying so that’s how it’s going to be, we just have to find out tomorrow how it behaves.”

On his future with Toro Rosso, Kvyat said the team has not made its mind on whether to retain him or not. With GP2 driver Pierre Gasly inching closer to this year’s title and, indeed, the Toro Rosso seat, Kvyat’s morale has been on a downward spiral since being demoted from Red Bull to the junior team early in the year.

He insists, however, that he remains focused on the job at hand and is not letting the pressure of being kept waiting for a decision get to him.

“Well when the moment will come we will talk, so it hasn’t come yet. Whenever it comes I’m pretty sure it will happen, so it’s a little bit between me and Red Bull”

“I think that right now I just do my job as good as possible with what I have in my hands, still it’s not an excuse we just try to work hard, everyone has limitations, we have ours and we will try to work around it, so whatever happens next year I don’t know.”

“Right now being in the paddock of Formula 1, focussing on my job is the only thing I care about. Of course life has many directions but I love what I do 100%, I enjoy my life right now even if there’s a bit going on, but I love my job and I love what I do.”

Kvyat currently sits 14th in the drivers’ championship with 23 points, only two of which he scored with Toro Rosso.

Image via Red Bull Content Pool

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Ahmad Shallouf

Contributing Writer at MotorsportM8