Having announced his retirement from Formula 1 in Italy, Felipe Massa says that he is interested in racing in another series providing it’s the right fit.

Speaking on Thursday at the Singapore Grand Prix, Massa eliminated the chance he would race in Brazilian Stock Cars, as well as following in fellow countryman’s Rubens Barrichello for a move to the IndyCar series.

“I think maybe it will be DTM, WEC, Formula E, maybe one of these three I think” Massa said.

“I have some people [interested] but I just need a bit of time to think about it and to decide in the best way. As I said I will race I just need to understand what will be the right choice that I will keep enjoying and having fun.”

With the announcement of his retirement, Massa says a little pressure off his back has lifted as he now knows he will have a different future once the season has ended.

“I think maybe the pressure is always there but it gets a bit better because you’ve decided already what you’re doing for the future – which I haven’t decided, I decide to stop.

“So the pressure is maybe a bit less, I think that doesn’t change how you are in the car to be honest, you’re just trying to do the best you can even if you race or not the day after.”

Williams has fallen down the running order this season after finishing the previous two in third position, they now face being overtaken by Force India who are only three points behind.

Despite the fact he will be leaving the team, Massa remains fully committed to help Williams fend off the attack from Force India to help secure fourth place in the standings.

“I am totally focussed, the team is totally focussed, so everything Force India is doing we are looking, and everything we can do to be in front every race to score more points is very important.

“We know that this track is a track that’s maybe good for them, it’s not good for us, but it’s a race that you can have some surprises, you can have different things happening, so it’s important to finish the race and important to be as good as you can.”

Image via XPB Images

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