Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo is aiming to rectify the mistakes made by the team in Monaco and win this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix.

Given the characteristics the two street circuits share, Red Bull has always excelled around the streets of Marina Bay, and with Mercedes well off the pace last year this weekend could be Ricciardo’s best chance of a race victory this year.

“It’s [Singapore] obviously the next, closest track to Monaco so sure we look at it as a good chance to try and get the victory I am after this season,” Ricciardo said.

“But the team, since Monaco, a lot of things have been working better in terms of how we have been executing on a Sunday. I have left Sundays feeling a lot happier in the last handful of races. That’s been good, on both sides. I feel I’ve executed as well good things on Sundays.”

With the additional set of compounds available this year to drivers during a race weekend, strategies open up and teams are given more freedom of how to run a race.

This year the new ultra-soft compound will be run around the streets of Singapore, along with the super softs and the softs.

“Obviously, we have got the freedom to use any of those tyres during practice. Maybe us or Ferrari for instance will change our practice runs now and use a different compound to then try and have something similar for the race,” Ricciardo continued.

“Here, because it’s so hot the tyres do normally get a hard time. It’s low-speed corners, all the traction, the rears can get a hard time for sure so if you’ve got too many softer compounds you might run into a bit of trouble in the race. We’ll see.”

“I think it’s been quite exciting this year, being able to use three compounds over a weekend and having to choose them months in advance. Sure, if we had to pick the tyres this week, we all probably would have done something different so it’s a bit more of a lottery and makes it exciting and makes our practice runs perhaps a bit more calculated.

While most pundits and fans are tipping Red Bull to upset Mercedes in Singapore, Ricciardo shifted the pressure off himself saying that he’s a good chance for a top 10 finish.

“Let’s see what happens I am definitely prepared and excited so I don’t know what I am paying for a top-10 finish but that’s safe money.”

Image via Red Bull Content Pool

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